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Botanical Face Cream

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When The Lab Room founder Monica Ceño and Wanderlista founder Andria Mitsakos met in Cannes, they knew that after an hour-long session exchanging beauty tips, they would be lifelong friends. THE LAB ROOM is a unisex, sophisticated, chic urban cosmetic line. Designed for the beauty connoisseur who expects multitasking products, that target face & body & soul. Products are based on aromatherapy combined with botanical extracts, Swiss perfectionism and Spanish Mediterranean joy de vivre. Their sleek design makes them the perfect accessory for the it girl-boy, as well as the perfect gift.

Botanical Face Cream

Regenerating, antioxidant, balancing, moisturizing and purifying face cream. Prevents cellular aging thanks to the properties of oils rich in vitamins and minerals such as Macadamia oil, Edelweiss flower, and echinacea, which protects the skin from the harmful effects of solar radiation by stimulating fibroblasts and helping cell renewal. Artemisia protects skin from external oxidants elements and essential oils of geranium, lavender and lemon, rebalance and illuminate skin.

  • 50ml
  • No Parabens



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