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Merging her 20+ years in the hospitality industry with her six years of luxury handbag design, Wanderlista’s founder, and travel/hotel expert Andria Mitsakos launched the Wanderlista Hotel Collection in late 2017, a line of bespoke bags and travel accessories for hotels and resorts around the globe.

“It was a natural transition for me,” said Mitsakos. “Living in hotels has been a way of life, and travel demands both functionality and effortless style. My experience has led me to develop a keen knowledge of simply ‘what works’ whether I’m in an urban setting one day or on an island the next. Now, I’ve translated that into one platform which benefits the trade and the end consumer.”

Bags incorporate a logo or subtle mark, or a simple nod to its sense of place. Sleep masks are also a whimsy hallmark of the line. “I made a python sleep mask for myself for fun,” said Mitsakos. “When three flight attendants and two passengers flight asked where I bought it, I knew I had to put it into production.”

All bags and accessories are handcrafted in Athens, Greece. A textile and furniture line is also in the works.

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