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Wanderlista is a lifestyle brand created by Andria Mitsakos. Named for Andria’s graceful embrace of the art of travel through culture and style, Wanderlista is defined by an expressive sense of voyage, infused with effortless beauty and substance, punctuated by a carefree spirit.

A lifelong traveler, Andria’s ever-present juxtaposition of city and island life is translated into one core brand. Led by her handbags made in Greece, the line’s core collection includes insightful silhouettes that herald the label’s hero top-handle, while capsule collections infuse the buyer with inspiration from a recent journey. Wanderlista also features global finds designed or curated by Andria, each reflecting her personal aesthetic.

Envisioned to become a timeless staple of fine craftsmanship and design, Wanderlista brings together a strong heritage, form, and architectural edge, imbued with a desire to wander our world. From the Cyclades to the Caribbean, Wanderlista inspiration can be found in hip outposts around the globe.





Founded on ancient Greek, architectural influences and traditional craftsmanship fused with a modern aesthetic, Wanderlista’s line of handbags is influenced by founder Andria Mitsakos’s Greek origin and her years of working with the country’s artisan manufacturing sector.

With a functional – and often whimsical – take on accessories, it utilizes both contemporary and centuries-old techniques in its manufacturing. The brand is distinguished by its signature, collapsible top handle (patent pending), which is hand-cast in brass, paying reference to Greece’s Doric architecture and linear introspective.

Each bag is handmade by a small team of artisans in the center of Athens with carefully selected leathers, hand-dyed exotic skins, and vintage Greek textiles, celebrating a new complexity as they enrich each style in relevant combinations for today’s woman. 



Influenced by her childhood travels and the grand matriarchs in her family—visionary women who were shoe and textile designers in the mid-century—Andria Mitsakos has voyaged far, authoring a virtual passport for the creative cognoscenti.

Born in Boston to an interior design mother and a social scientist father, she spent her childhood shuttling between Europe, the Caribbean and her New England home, and traces her roots to some of history’s most hospitable people, the Greeks. New cultures, architecture, style and hospitality became a natural part of her life.

Carrying that passion and curiosity worldwide, she began sourcing furniture and accessories for hotels in the Caribbean after graduating with a degree in communications from Boston University. Her work in the travel industry led her to develop marketing strategies for hospitality clients all over the globe, although her creative spirit stayed close to her soul, thus Wanderlista was born. Today, the lifestyle brand echoes Andria’s ethos of travel, and she also consults on developing hotel spaces and hospitality furniture manufacturing in Athens, Greece. She lives between Athens, Miami, Mexico and the Caribbean.






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