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Folk Cream Half Moon Textile Bag


$ 225.00

“The most perfect light in the world,” references Wanderlista founder Andria Mitsakos of Delos, the birthplace of Artemis, one of Greece’s lunar goddesses. This half-moon shape clutch fits everything you need for a day or night out, using vintage textiles from Greece.

Influenced by Andria Mitsakos’s Greek origin, her years of working with the country’s artisan manufacturing sector, childhood  travels  and  the  grand  matriarchs  in  her  family — visionary women who were textile  designers  in  the  mid-century—Andria  has  revived ancient Greek traditions in a modern world with the Folk Capsule. 

  • flat half moon bag/clutch 
  • new, unused, mid-century Greek textile / reverse in brown leather (calf)
  • made in Greece
  • lining: Aegean blue suede (calf)
  • measurements: width: 14 3/4’’ (37.5 cm), height: 10’’ (25 cm), strap length:  42’’ (106cm)
    Please allow two weeks for delivery.
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