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I have lived in many places around the globe, and consider many of them home, with the Caribbean being one of them. I came to Antigua for the first time at the age of seven months.

My parents were drawn to the island and returned year after year with my brother and me, and their friends, in tow. My father donated books to its library, and the first world atlases to its classrooms. The annual trips became a way of life, and Antigua, and Antiguans, became part of our very core, and our family.

By chance, I was fortunate to begin my career in the hotel industry here, and to this day, I'm grateful to have the many facets of my work bring me back. The magnet that the entire Caribbean region has on me continues to strengthen its pull, weaving its mystical ways into my dreams regardless of where I am in the world.

So if you haven't been here, watch this space. Learn that every island is different, and its history, fascinating. Once you breathe in its sultry soul, the Caribbean just becomes you. A salty, sensual dream of everything it represents. Its people. Its cultures. Its languages. Its music. Its food. Its style. Its colors. Its sun, sea and sand. Its life. So enjoy it, and I hope that the Caribbean slips into your dreams too.


Styling a Room Sugar Ridge Antigua

Room Styling: Palm Villa at Sugar Ridge Antigua
My Antigua
Not leaving Antigua anytime soon...@TamarindHills

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