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As one of the most iconic birthplaces of tourism in Jamaica, Port Antonio or “Portie” called by those in the know, was favored by wealthy Americans in the late 1800s during the banana trade. It then became a playground for actor Errol Flynn and his pals in the mid 1940s, and while the northeastern coast town isn’t on everyone’s radar, it should be. Every person I introduce to this nirvana of jungle coastline and sublime sea is immediately drawn to its raw sensibility. Errol’s wife Patrice still ran a dairy farm there up until her death in 2014, and I have fond memories of drinking martinis with her while listening to her stories. 

So now the question begs: where must one stay? One of my favorite places to unwind and recharge in Portie is the Geejam Collection. Co-founders, hoteliers, and music industry veterans Jon Baker and Steve Beaver are continuing their singular vision for hospitality and lifestyle in the stunning natural haven.

Courtesy of Geejam Hotel

With the opening of the luxurious Geejam Hotel & Recording Studio in 2008, the team ushered in a regional renaissance with their dynamic mix of luxury, music culture, and cool-minded approach and continue this vision with newly renovated private villas and a fleet of mint restored vintage cars.

Situated in the lush haven of San San, in the parish of Portland, Panorama is the ultimate Jamaican Eden

The Collection caters to a set of global influencers in music, fashion and art, seeking off-the-beaten path privacy, which is just my styleBut what really makes the Collection unique is a highly personalized approach where every detail is infused with individuality, attitude, and vision. You definitely won't regret spending time in this gorgeous Jamaican paradise!

Inside Panorama, Geejam Collection

Sprawling vistas, cloistered tropical niches, breathtaking beachfront and forest hideaways make Geejam a singular high-end resort experience.

Geejam Collection features a private photographic and pop art collection from the likes of Geejam aficionados Banksy and Juergen Teller amongst others

Geejam Studios is one of the leading residential recording complexes in the Caribbean


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