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“You want me to climb up it?” I said to my young guide as I stared up at steps that barely fit my sample size (read: big) feet. “Yes,” he encouraged me, “Go.” It was just after sunrise at Angkor Wat years before the ancient temple was roped off and still accessible to visitors.  I ended up in Cambodia by mistake, really, after a trip from Northern Thailand and Myanmar led me down the Mekong River to Laos where new friends encouraged me to hop a flight to Siem Reap. It was just after I started designing and the colors and textures of the walls of all the temples inspired me. The smells, the air – the wicked monkeys – it was all something new. Mossy greens, orange hues, deep sienna; they all told a story. My Angkor collection was born. Don’t miss Wa Gallery and ask for Marie or Frederic, a lovely French couple with fantastic design aesthetic. 

I also support my dear friend, designer and philanthropist Jessica Hendricks, founder of The Brave Collection - jewelry hand made in Cambodia to celebrate bravery and empower women across the globe. 

Fascinated by indigenous cultures and spirituality, Hendricks traveled to Cambodia to teach English during her studies at NYU Tisch School of the Arts. She was mesmerized by the tangled synthesis of both the beautiful and heartbreakingly violent past of this small Buddhist country in the wake of genocide, and the reality of human trafficking. Combining her love of jewelry and philanthropic spirit, Jessica was inspired to create a collection to celebrate this unique community, and connect courageous women across the globe through The Brave Collection.

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Signature Collection: This bracelet says “Brave” (Klaa-han) in Khmer and was handmade in Cambodia by a local artisan to empower women across the globe.

Necklace, Limitless Collection: This necklace says "Limitless" in Khmer, and was handmade in Cambodia by a local artisan to empower women across the globe







Stay: Shinta Mani.

Cambodia with its vibrant colors and textures inspired the Angkor Collection which can be viewed here.



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