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#fridayfives - Do you really need more than five reasons to re-discover Jamaica when all five are in one destination? The place where it’s all converging is on Jamaica’s northeastern coast in Portland, a lush, forest-to-ocean Elysium that has been dubbed the “Jamaican Riviera” for its natural glamour and cultural legacy. 

The region is equal parts sequestered haven and historical hot spot; not only was it the Hollywood hotbed of the 1960s, it is the quintessential birthplace of Jamaican tourism. Over the years, the area’s unspoiled beauty, pristine seascapes and host of natural attractions have drawn sizable international and local tourism. 

Everyone from high profile celebrities and international royalty to creative visionaries and adventurous-minded travelers has frequented Portland since the early 1900s.

The team behind the Port Antonio vision includes native Portlander and international business guru Michael Lee-Chin who has partnered with British-born music industry veteran and hotelier Jon Baker, to ally forces and revive Port Antonio to its former apex. Baker (owner of the Geejam Hotel with business partner Steve Beaver, and the famed Geejam Studios), will now re-launch the region (affectionately called “Portie” by those in the know), including Lee Chin’s Trident Castle, the historic Trident Hotel and the Blue Lagoon, Jamaica’s largest natural spring-fed lagoon.

Join the renaissance now by booking at Geejam Collection.

1. Trident Hotel, Port Antonio (opening March)

2. Geejam Studios, Port Antonio (has played host to Grace Jones, Rhianna, No Doubt and many more)

3. Geejam Hotel, Port Antonio (endless list of A-listers and just cool cats)

4. Trident Castle, Port Antonio (do you need more explanation? It’s a castle…by the sea…in Jamaica)

5. Blue Lagoon, Port Antonio (channel your inner Brooke Shields)

#Fridayfives: My favorite collections from New York Fashion Week

Norma Kamali: I live for Norma. She is an inspiration both on and off the runway. This year’s collection held countless pieces that mix comfort and effortless sophistication. 

Proenza Schouler - Monochromatic minimalism was the theme of this collection this year and I couldn’t get enough. This collection was so mod, and so perfect for a New York woman.

Carolina Herrera - The 74-year-old Venezuelan-American designer has been turning out works of art for years and this collection was no exception. Her inspiration for this Fall 2013 was a Beethoven sonata which reflected clearly in the elegant fabrics and textures she integrated into her couture. 

Rodarte - Very different from Herrera, the Mulleavy sisters, Kate and Laura took their inspiration from Santa Cruz, their home town. Not surprisingly the collection overflowed with loose, less form fitting styles, brightly patterned pieces, and hippie-inspired formal-wear. 

Helmut Lang: long lines and jutting angles were prevalent in this modern masterpiece. The designers were inspired by Picasso’s Black and White Exhibit clearly reflecting their interpretation of an old world art.  


Wander far, wander well,



The duration of my stay at the Datai has been one filled with wonder and fascination. Narrowing done just five things was not easy but the below are just some of my favorite things about this tropical paradise.

1. Beach Villas- “designed to follow an environmentally sustainable framework. Contemporary interiors enhanced with touches of nature and rainforest accents”
* Outdoor rain shower
* Private pool
* Private sun deck

2. The Spa
* Four spa pavilions located in a tropical rainforest
* The Datai massage, Balinese massage, and warm stone massage

3. Having my blackberry almost snatched by monkeys :)

4. Helicopter rides above Datai Bay with Peter Wesley Brown (see above photo)

5. Rainforest exploration (or at least admiration ;) ) The Datai is nestled inside an ancient tropical rainforest.

*Photo credit: Peter Wesley Brown



Going: Athens, Greece


Wearing: Emerging Greek designer Persephoni fur collar in stainless steel and mink. The creative mind of Persephoni is a talented enthusiast of fashion who sharpened her skills as a set designer in television and theatre. Reflecting the synergy of fashion and design, the label has an enchanting power, contemporary feel, shape innovations, retro illusions and a futuristic embrace. production.


Learning: Lord Byron’s Maid of Athens. The poem was written when Byron was living Athens in 1810. He dedicated the poem to the daughter of his landlady, a 12-year-old girl whom he apparently tried to purchase later. He was refused.


Inspiring: Finding new talent here around every corner. There’s never been a better time to be in this city. Feels like Paris in the twenties.


Giving: Friends of Merimna is a nonprofit organization for the care of children and families facing terminal illness. One of their services is called Palliative Home Care; it gives children, at the last stage of their illness, the choice to remain at home with their families, while being supported by specially trained doctors, nurses, etc, a very unique service in Greece. The gorgeous rooftop restaurant at Hotel Grand Bretagne gives you the option to donate a portion of your bill to this amazing charity.

Athens photos by: Peter Wesley Brown.


New from @Wanderlista: #fridayfives-5 things on my mind this week:

Going: Langkawi, Malaysia, Andaman Sea

Wearing: A Djellabah dress by WALLA YHMAAK

Learning: Engrossed in Tash Aw’s The Harmony Silk Factory

Inspiring: This coral color..in a sea horse no less from the Andaman Sea. You’ll see it on fall runways (the color, not the sea horse).

Giving: Adopt a tiger though WWF Malaysia