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The duration of my stay at the Datai has been one filled with wonder and fascination. Narrowing done just five things was not easy but the below are just some of my favorite things about this tropical paradise.

1. Beach Villas- “designed to follow an environmentally sustainable framework. Contemporary interiors enhanced with touches of nature and rainforest accents”
* Outdoor rain shower
* Private pool
* Private sun deck

2. The Spa
* Four spa pavilions located in a tropical rainforest
* The Datai massage, Balinese massage, and warm stone massage

3. Having my blackberry almost snatched by monkeys :)

4. Helicopter rides above Datai Bay with Peter Wesley Brown (see above photo)

5. Rainforest exploration (or at least admiration ;) ) The Datai is nestled inside an ancient tropical rainforest.

*Photo credit: Peter Wesley Brown