Do you embrace the art of travel through culture and style?

Meet Andria Mitsakos, publicist, writer, accessories designer and global wanderlista.

From Manhattan to Mykonos (and everywhere in between), she voyages far, authoring a virtual passport for the creative cognoscenti.

Currently Instagramming her way through Greece.

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Shuttling across the globe with my family from a very young age, I developed a wanderlust that defines my life today. 

Stepping off a plane into lush, humid air, or strolling through a vibrant market, my yearning grew for far away cultures and evocative experiences punctuated by intriguing design. A Wanderlista craves these tastes, sensations and scents, and learns how to make them her own through a common thread, which at first can seem so foreign, yet ultimately, weaves a strong fabric for a lifetime. 

Being a Wanderlista is not defined by budget, or scope of travel, but by an attitude - being barefoot beachside in Vietnam is as easy as an evening at La Scala; gifting alms to Buddhist monks in Laos one day and Thanksgiving dinner with family the next. A Wanderlista knows how to blend into her surroundings, evoking an effortless style that magnetizes the people around her.

My life has been shaped by a strong, open-minded family and their constant encouragement to absorb the positive things in my surroundings, and today, my world is directly influenced by the substance and sensibility of my travels.

In this blog, I aim to tap into the Wanderlista way of life and share with you my favorite people, places and pieces - hotels and handbags, dining and designers, watering holes and watches, hidden gems and real gems. Voluntourism in South Africa? Parfumeur in Paris? Roadside taqueria in Mexico? Recording studio in Jamaica? How about where to stay and what to do in Cambodia, oh, and what to pack? I’m here for you.